How long will my video be?

Once your video is edited it will be the length of you ceremony. I believe that if you book me for your wedding, that you should get the entire wedding! I can also put together a 5 to 10 minute highlight reel for you at no extra charge.

How long have you been filming weddings?

I have been shooting weddings since 2013.

How would you describe your style—documentary, cinematic or a mix of both?

I am a little of both. During the ceremony, I shoot with multiple cameras so it has more of a cinematic feel to it. But with the reception it's more of a run and gun style that has more motion to it. What style works for you?  I am open to discussion about what will work best for you.

How many cameras and operators will they be filming with during the ceremony and reception?

It depends on both the package and the venue. I always add an extra person for the Platinum and Diamond packages.

Is there a charge for staying later in the evening if something important comes up?

If you have booked me for a block of time and you need me to extend that block, there will be an extra charge. The reason is not the time it will take to shoot, but the time it will take to edit.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Your deposit is non-refundable.  If you have to cancel for any reason, you must cancel 60 days in advance. If you cancel with in the 60-Day window, you will get a refund of 50%

. Do you have backup equipment in case of gear failure?

Yes. For both the camera equipment and sound equipment.

Is the final film delivered on a DVD, USB or online?

All three! Each package includes a number of hard copies. In addition to the hard copies, I will put your wedding footage on a hard drive for you, and upload it to an unlisted link for private access on Youtube.

Can you make changes to the film once you’ve seen it for the first time?

Absolutely!! It's your wedding video and you deserve it the way you want it!

How do you handle music for the wedding film?

I will talk to you before hand and get a list of your music. I will either download the music or, if it is a special version of a song, get a copy from you. For live music, I can not layer the sound in the same way that I would for a studio recording, so you may have some ambient or atmospheric noise. Please understand that I will do what I can to reduce atmospheric noise, but I can not guarantee a clean, live soundtrack.

When can I expect to see my wedding video?

Each package is different. The more time and cameras I use, the longer it will take. The basic package takes around two weeks, where as the Platinum and Diamond packages may take up to eight weeks. 

How many other weddings will you be shooting on my wedding day?

None. You are my priority and you deserve my full attention.